Monday, June 30, 2008

AWESOME month of training

June as been my best month of overall training on the bike and running combined. I was able to find time to exercise every single day of the month expect for Mondays (rest days) and two Fridays (1 due to a foot blister - 1 due to early morning work). I'm enjoying the balance of running and cycling and some extra resistance training at the end of the runs.

Monthly totals:
Bike 265m - 18hrs 29mins - 15,420 calories
Run 49m - 7 hrs 27min - 6700 calories

Combined totals:
314 miles
26 hrs
22,120 calories
I've biked or ran more miles in a month before but never this many of both.
Goals for next month are to stay healthy and continue to work on the balance of family, exercise, nutrition and enjoying life!

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