Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend vacation

Well we decided to get away for a night to the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Sat night. We had it all planned out, 1 night at the hotel, check out and go look at some homes in Hawaii Kai and Kailua then return home Sunday evening. We had so much fun, we decided to return to the Hilton on Sunday and stay for 1 more exciting night. We all had a blast paddle boarding (as seen below). Not sure we are ready for any waves but it was a lot of fun for everyone. Lynn & Amanda were awesome

View from the lobby of the Hilton
View from our balcony. 31st floor was up there.
Sunset with Diamond Head, beautiful weekend in Waikiki, (when isn't it)?
Those are people on the beach
Tallest mural in the world. Rainbow Tower 286 ft high, 26 ft wide,over 8,000 pieces of hand painted tiles
Lagoon where we paddle boarded
It was a great weekend with the family.
Happy Father's day Dad. I love you

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour de Big Island stage race

This past weekend was my first ever stage race. It was held on the Big Island of Hawaii. I traveled with Ben and Dev and they made the trip enjoyable. 1st of the 3 race was a 6 mile time trial up the Kona coast. Perfect place to have a race except for the mile climb to the finish line.

As you can see my speed quickly dropped off once I hit the hill
2nd race was the .07 crit race with about 25 riders in my group. This was a very difficult race due to the 13% grade climb to the finish line.
As you can tell speed and elevation are completely opposite.
Final race on Sunday morning was a 19 mile loop for the final road race. Incredible scenery and exciting descent, but the climb was tough and long. As you can tell from the picture we came down the hill then had to climb back up.
I think it's obvious where the downhill stopped and the climb begin.
Overall a good trip, however after each race this is what I looked liked.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Action packed weekend

Friday evening after a long day of removing the shed and planting grass seed we decided to invite Ben and head over to our favorite Italian restaurant - Buca di Beppo. As always plenty of good food. Sat we took the kids to build a bear workshop to let them make a couple stuff animals. Afterwards we tried a new restaurant in the mall that had some really good burgers.

Amanda and her rainbow bear
Jake and his new puppy
After the shed was removed I planted some grass seed and covered it to hopefully prevent the birds from eating it.
The guy that bought the shed hired "Two guys and a moving van", and they loaded up the shed and platform in 15 mins.

Sat. evening, we went for a family bike ride with Lynn and Jake's new wheels. They did great
Map of Sat. & Sun rides. Sat. was mostly flat with lots of speed work and Sun was mostly hills and little extra distance
Total miles: 98.5
Total time: 6 hrs
Total calories: 5800
Avg speed: 16.7 mph
Max speed: 37 mph
Avg heart rate: 146
Max heart rate: 177