Monday, June 8, 2009

Action packed weekend

Friday evening after a long day of removing the shed and planting grass seed we decided to invite Ben and head over to our favorite Italian restaurant - Buca di Beppo. As always plenty of good food. Sat we took the kids to build a bear workshop to let them make a couple stuff animals. Afterwards we tried a new restaurant in the mall that had some really good burgers.

Amanda and her rainbow bear
Jake and his new puppy
After the shed was removed I planted some grass seed and covered it to hopefully prevent the birds from eating it.
The guy that bought the shed hired "Two guys and a moving van", and they loaded up the shed and platform in 15 mins.

Sat. evening, we went for a family bike ride with Lynn and Jake's new wheels. They did great
Map of Sat. & Sun rides. Sat. was mostly flat with lots of speed work and Sun was mostly hills and little extra distance
Total miles: 98.5
Total time: 6 hrs
Total calories: 5800
Avg speed: 16.7 mph
Max speed: 37 mph
Avg heart rate: 146
Max heart rate: 177

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