Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour de Big Island stage race

This past weekend was my first ever stage race. It was held on the Big Island of Hawaii. I traveled with Ben and Dev and they made the trip enjoyable. 1st of the 3 race was a 6 mile time trial up the Kona coast. Perfect place to have a race except for the mile climb to the finish line.

As you can see my speed quickly dropped off once I hit the hill
2nd race was the .07 crit race with about 25 riders in my group. This was a very difficult race due to the 13% grade climb to the finish line.
As you can tell speed and elevation are completely opposite.
Final race on Sunday morning was a 19 mile loop for the final road race. Incredible scenery and exciting descent, but the climb was tough and long. As you can tell from the picture we came down the hill then had to climb back up.
I think it's obvious where the downhill stopped and the climb begin.
Overall a good trip, however after each race this is what I looked liked.

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