Sunday, May 31, 2009

Excellent month of riding

This morning was yet another good day of training. 46.5 miles, 2hrs:52mins, out to Barber's Point and back. I'm noticing my aerobic conditioning improving on each and every ride. Decided to head to the Big Island (June 12-14) with Ben and Dev for a couple days and 3 races. Should be a good learning opportunity for me and to enjoy the sights of the Big Island.

Month of May statistics:
525 miles
31 hours : 31 mins
avg speed; 16.6 mph
max speed; 42.8 mph
avg heart rate; 139
max heart rate; 178
calories burned; 30,790

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sea life park swimming with the dolphins

This morning we headed out for Sea life park to enjoy the dolphins. This was part of Amanda and Jake's birthday from Nana to swim with the dolphins. Here is Jake and I getting on our life jackets before we did the dolphin encounter. He's is too young to swim with the dolphin's but he enjoyed petting, kissing, dancing and learning about them.

Amanda and Lynn did the dolphin adventure. This was in a private pool in back of the park and the only people allowed were the ones doing the adventure and family. It was really cool, as they had two pregnant dolphins that really enjoyed showing off for everyone.
Amanda hanging on and getting pulled through the water
Jake dancing with the dolphin
dolphin kissing Jake
After lunch we enjoyed several of the other animals and caught a couple shows. This is a quick sea lion appearance

This is one of the trainers getting pulled around the pool

more videos and photos to follow later this weekend

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lynn's Electra Gypsy fashion bike

This morning, I took Lynn to my favorite bike store to see if she could find a bike to her liking. After test riding several she kept coming back to this Electra cruising bike. The main reason for her to get a bike was to hook up the trailer bike for Jake to ride behind her when we go out on family bike rides. It also has a very loud bell on it. It has some very nice art work

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Importance of teamwork, espically during a hot lunch time ride

I was prepared for a very fast and fun normal Tuesday lunchtime ride, what I was prepared for was the hot-humid weather. The importance of teamwork was obvious today. Thanks Ben and Dev. As the speed ramped up to 31 mph I was feeling pretty good until I needed to catch back onto the draft, thank goodness Ben and Dev pulled me along at a very intense pace. I felt very strong cardio wise today, just couldn't get the legs to fire as fast as I needed to maintain the 30+ mph.

Overall it was an excellent workout pushing me passed my threshold.
Today's Stats:
DST: 16 miles
Time in saddle:53 min
Avg Speed:18.5 mph
Avg HR: 150
MX HR: 176
MX Speed: 31.3mph
Calories Burned: 1,000

Monday, May 25, 2009

Atlantis submarine dive

This morning was the day for the submarine dive from Waikiki with the Atlantis sub. Amanda and I have done this several times, but it was Jake's first time on a boat. He was so excited. This is the boat that ferries you to 1 0f 2 submarines about 1 mile off shore. Amanda & Jake on Waikiki beach

Amanda and Jake by Hilton Grand Waikikian hotel
pulling up to the sub
Also got to catch some surfers with 2-3 foot waves
The sub crew is patiently waiting for us to board the sub and dive to depths in excess of 100 feet.
Jake checking out a star fish while we wait to board the boat at the sea urgent display
Before we board the crew took this awesome photo of us with Diamond head in the background
Afterwards we decided to walk to Red Lobster for lunch. It was a wonderful day and both of the kids were wonderful to go on a submarine dive.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day weekend activities

Wow, what a weekend the Soots family has enjoyed. Talk about fun in the sun! It all started early Friday morning with Amanda having a school musical (High School musical). This is the light house tower next to Hickam Elementary School. All of the seats and grass areas were taken by eager parents watching their kids perform

This is the Radford High School posting the colors for the Pledge of Allegiance

The entire 2nd grade class singing and dancing to the music. These guys put a lot of work into their play and they all did really well. Amanda was so proud to be in a musical play.

Jake wanted his picture taking by the statue before school started.
Jake and his new friend Katelyn, who moved into the neighborhood a few weeks ago, a very cute and nice 6 yr old girl. They play very well together, I think Jake likes her.
Jake asking me for something during a BBQ with Ben, Dev, Marita and Robert. Oh yea Katelyn was able to attend as well. It was a very good evening of friends, food and laughter with a little Wii action thrown in.

During the BBQ Ben & Dev totally surprised me with a retirement gift! An awesome jersey and shorts with the Hele Mobile Broadband team logo. These are by far the best jersey and shorts I've ever worn while riding. Thanks guys!

This morning we headed out 30 mins later than normal to allow the roads to dry from the nights rain for a 45 mile ride. Today's ride was at a nice recovery pace to Iroquois Point. I've been there before to watch a kids triathlon, but never on a bike. Looked like some good new training grounds. Good week on the bike with 120 miles on the bike. (7 hours 49 mins; avg heart rate 140; max heart rate 178; avg speed 17 mph; max speed 43 mph; calories burned 7800).

After today's ride, I was able to get the bike cleaned up and over to Ben's Bike Shop to replace the extra long shifter/brake cables and housing. This is the factory cables and grey housings.
reminded me of a bird's nest on the front of my bike
This is after Ben's magic and a nice cable kit from Jagwire road racing. As you can tell much cleaner and the black housing match the bike much better than the grey cable housings. Thanks Ben, it's awesome!

To top of the weekend - tomorrow Jake, Amanda and I are heading out bright and early for the Atlantis Submarine ride in Waikiki. This will be Jake's first time (Amanda has done it several times). It's an amazing experience to see all the underwater sea life.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Lu'au

What an incredible time we had last night at the Pardaise Cove Lu'au. Amanda invited 3 of her classmates to the Lu'au, and we all had a really good time. What a nice picture Another nice picture of the kids

Kids with all thier lei's
all the girls in a canoe
Jake and his new girl friend
Jake and Leah doing the hula dance up front

Climbing the cocunut tree

Jake giving his girlfried a flower he got

all the girls enjoying some shaved ice
lets eat
Amanda's puppy birthday cake
The drive to the lu'au was too funny, here they are singing to Hannah Montana

Friday, May 8, 2009

oops wrong one

Due to all the activities planned for this weekend we decided to have Lynn's early Mother's day edible fruit arrangement delivered this afternoon. The guy called as planned and said he was 2 mins out. Perfect I said. Amanda and I met him at the road to get Lynn's basket. The driver quickly realized he didn't have Lynn's basket but instead had someone else's (minus the mothers day balloon). He offered a even swap if we would take the one with chocolate dipped pineapple and chocolate/cinnamon dipped apples instead of the balloon. I said sure no big deal.
We brought the beautiful arrangement in the house, took a few pictures and started sampling the treats, yummy! Then the phone rings not 10 mins after the driver left. I answered the phone and the driver informs me the other person wants they one we have instead of the balloon one. I said, we'll we are already eating this one. He said ok, thanks. The phone rang again from the main store and they apologized for the mix up and said another one would be coming shortly as we originally ordered. This is the one with pineapple and apples.

This is the one with the balloon

They both were very tasted and a nice mother's day surprise. Pineapple hearts were a very nice touch.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life is good

This morning started out with a nice 45 mile bike ride followed by lunch with the kids at the pasta bar. As you can tell Jake loves pasta Here is Ben in his Hele riding kit with Barber's Point beach in the background. Perfect day for a ride.

Ben and Casey leading the way
Overall it was a good easy spin ride.
45miles, 2 hrs - 43 mins
Avg HR 140 - Max 170
Avg speed 17 mph max speed 35 mph
calories burned 2561
Nice route we took, going against the traffic most of the way. There were a lot of cars on the road this morning and I'm sure we made better time than most cars.
On the way back I had another wheel spoke break and then while disassembling the wheel to take to the bike shop another spoke snapped. That's 4 total. I hope Easton realizes the wheel is defective and replaces the entire wheel.