Friday, May 29, 2009

Sea life park swimming with the dolphins

This morning we headed out for Sea life park to enjoy the dolphins. This was part of Amanda and Jake's birthday from Nana to swim with the dolphins. Here is Jake and I getting on our life jackets before we did the dolphin encounter. He's is too young to swim with the dolphin's but he enjoyed petting, kissing, dancing and learning about them.

Amanda and Lynn did the dolphin adventure. This was in a private pool in back of the park and the only people allowed were the ones doing the adventure and family. It was really cool, as they had two pregnant dolphins that really enjoyed showing off for everyone.
Amanda hanging on and getting pulled through the water
Jake dancing with the dolphin
dolphin kissing Jake
After lunch we enjoyed several of the other animals and caught a couple shows. This is a quick sea lion appearance

This is one of the trainers getting pulled around the pool

more videos and photos to follow later this weekend

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