Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hickam Half Marathon

This morning @ 0500 I met up with Ben to knock-out the Hickam Half Marathon (13.1 miles). After a 1 mile walk in the dark and through some construction areas we made it to the base track with plenty of time to spare for the start of the race. My plan was to start of slow and get into a good rhythm for the duration of the race. When the gun sounded we were off and so much for my plan, the first 3 miles were very fast for a half marathon pace. Race was pretty much uneventful, I finished 1 hour 55 mins which was a little slower than I had hoped but well within the 2 hour mark.
Below is the path we took which had a ton of volunteers at every intersection and several individuals on bikes directing traffic. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped out it really made a difference.
After the race we waited for a much needed massage by the Hickam fitness center staff. It felt really good to have some of the soreness that had already started to set-in worked out on the massage table. After the 1 mile walk back home, I decided to try a ICE-cold bath to help prevent any muscle soreness. Overall not to bad of a morning.

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