Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Body Mass Index (BMI)

This morning started off with me PT testing an individual for his annual AF PT exam (which went well). Then I was off to have my BMI checked via a BOD Pod. Hickam AFB as a state of the art facility that combines a Health and Wellness Center with Physical Therapy otherwise known as H-PARC (Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center. Thanks to the outstanding support of the Exercise Physiologist (Mr. Jason) and the Registered Dietitian (Ms. Amanda) they have provide unbelievable guidance on injury prevention and proper nutrition. Here is how I transformed my body over the last 15 months and reduced my body fat by 18%.

13 May 2008
Lean muscle mass 138.7 lbs 82.3%
Fat mass 29.9lbs 17.7%
Total weight 168.6 lbs.

9 Feb 2007
Lean muscle mass 119 lbs 64.2%
Fat mass 65.5 lbs 35.8%
Total weight 185.5 lbs.

I'm now consider to be in the moderately lean category (13%-20%).

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