Thursday, May 29, 2008

AMRx3 Lunch Ride
Today was another good day of training with the HACC team. We had about 18-20 riders and headed to AMR for some little hill climbing. On the way out from the gym a fellow team mate was walking his bike with yet another flat tire (4-5 flats this week). HACC daddy was the first one to pull over and provide his expertise. I felt very strong today (which I wasn't sure after yesterday's run). During the first hill climb I took it easy to see how my body would react and then on the next two laps I gave an honest effort and notice my HR was not increasing. This is typically a sign of over training, but I'm not sure this is the case. I think I might need to push harder.
Beautiful day to ride with all of the HACC members.

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Jeff said...

Can you send me the directions for the "AMR" ride" Just moved to this side of town and looking for some evening routes. Can't make the lunch time rides just yet. pls contact at

Jeff Adkins